7 Best Practices for Employee Monitoring Software

1. Controlling Internet Access:
Internet has become a necessity in today’s life. And more than a necessity it is a source of entertainment for most people. The addiction of internet usage is more than that of any drug. Hence, the use of an employee monitoring software has also become a necessity for monitoring employees in the workplace. Using the best employee monitoring software, you can restrict and track internet usage by each employee. Also, you can enforce a web access policy across all workstations in the office.
This will allow your employees to stay more focused towards work and cut down on unnecessary distractions. Additionally, you can control and limit internet access and bandwidth which helps in maintaining high-speed internet access.

2. Monitoring progress for employee-focused training:
When a company hires an employee, it is very likely that they may have undergone extensive training. However, your employees will still make some mistakes at times. With the use of a remote PC monitoring software you can monitor, both, real-time and recorded daily activities of your employees. This will enable you to understand the efficiency of the employee and help in training them in a better way. It will also be easier for you to find out if the employees are following the company’s standard procedures or not.

3. Delegating responsibilities and avoiding bottleneck:
There are different types of employee monitoring software, and LognTrack being one of the best employees monitoring software of 2019 comes with a feature to delegate responsibilities. It allows you to see the list of the tasks assigned to each employee. If you notice that a particular employee has too many tasks for the day while another team member has relatively lesser tasks, you can redistribute the tasks to balance the workload.

4. Prevention against Virus and Malware:
Along with all the advantages, internet has a lot of disadvantages too. In today’s world, everyone knows how to browse internet, but very few are aware of unsafe browsing. There are innumerable malicious websites that one should not browse. Visiting the malicious site can result in injecting viruses onto your system and corrupt all the important files. Some websites release dangerous viruses like ransomware which will encrypt your files. And decrypting these files are almost impossible without purchasing expensive decrypting software provided by the hacker itself.
Using an employee monitoring software will prevent you against these malicious activities of the hackers and frauds who earn by disinfecting your files of the viruses released by themselves.

5. Idle Time Monitoring:
Your employees may be on-time on the office and may also login to the system on-time, but this does not guarantee the employee is performing his/her tasks. They may have logged in to the system and sitting idle. Using the Logntrack employee monitoring software you can easily trace the idle time of the employees which is calculated by recording the use of the keyboard and mouse. Also, it captures screenshots randomly at an interval of four minutes which the employees will not be aware of.

6. Maintaining Attendance:
It is very obvious that to use and employee monitoring software you will first be required to login and then logout at the end of your duty. This feature enables you to record the employee’s presence at work along with their exact login and logout time.

7. Tracking Overtimes:
There may be days and months when a company has workload and the employees are required to do overtime. With the help of an employee monitoring software you can also keep a record of the overtimes done by each employee and accordingly calculate their overtime allowances easily.

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