Why Time Management Software is required Post COVID-19?

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With the advent of pandemics and working indoors,  the need of management software was felt. For this reason, there was mushroom growth in daily time trackers and task management sites and software.

Now since the pandemic has passed and offices are opening up again, the question is how to use time management software now. As the remote work is now being abandoned, the big question is how to integrate this software with our offices now!

So how do you manage the offices with time management software?

Post-pandemic scenario

Life after a pandemic has changed everything, from quarantine to social distancing. We have changed our lives and goals. From a 10 years goal, we are now looking at surviving a year barely.

Our business has felt the full force of the pandemic. When we were working from home there was one and only one goal, to survive and since we survived now we have to look at ways that would ease our integration back into the “normal” world.

The post-pandemic era leads us back to where we started. One thing is for sure now that this pandemic has changed our lives in every imaginable way, so we cannot go back to doing the same thing that got us here in the first place.

Why do you need time management software even now?

This here is the million-dollar question that what do we do now with our: employee management software. The popular notion would be to not use the software at all as now the offices have reopened and the employee and employer distances are now no more so we need to look at it.

We simply cannot revert back to our old ways. So even though the pandemic is over we are still looking at how to effectively use these helping tools so we can build a better and seamless workflow. So here is why you need LogNTrack even post COVID.

When the pandemic struck and we moved indoors for quarantine there was a major disruption in working flows. To make it seamless and keep the work going we took the help of various softwares that would help us feel comfortable while working remotely.

Now as life has changed and we are slowly resuming our work from the designated offices the need for such remote employee management apps are not required at all, or are they?

What LogNTrack does is that it keeps your team active and you in pole position to assign tasks individually. With the LogNTrack’s, “Project and Task Management ” feature you can assign tasks from anywhere and share the screens of your team and assign tasks.

Save additional costs

The pandemic has adversely affected the economy it is not without question that your business might be looking on the downturn. The best way you can do is to cut your extra costs since the offices have resumed it means a lot of costs (extravagance) will resume as well.

What if a software can cut that cost drastically, that is what LogNTrack does it can perform all the functions that an admin performs. It is more reliable and not prone to error. Imagine all you can do with additional revenue, not much but still save enough to save your business.

Progression in the time of regression

The real people of progression are those who would accept that future is here and integrate their lives with it. If you stand in the way of progress you will be made irrelevant and the best way you can avoid being irrelevant is by adopting the solutions that would keep you ahead of the curb.

This is exactly what LogNTrack does, equipped with endless features that allow you to optimize the productivity of your teammates by allowing you to manage them seamlessly.

The high-end solution

LogNTrack is a high-end solution to all your recurring problems when it comes to management. Life after the pandemic has changed a lot and this app has features that can help you in the future. The sleek and seamless task tracker helps you keep your entire day organized. You can mark your tasks complete and be more productive in the time.


The pandemic has taught us one thing and that one thing is that we can survive if we want to survive. The precautions are a necessity but if you can adjust this it will be the best thing you could do for your business and your future.

LogNTrack is not your regular time management Software, it bases its expertise on tracking your tasks throughout the day and that is what a modern task management app must be doing, not enslaving the employees but empowering them.

Try taking our Brand Tour to learn more about what LogNTrack Timesheet is all about if you are looking to upgrade your manual time tracking systems. Or, Operational efficiency is a critical component of business success. Get a clear picture of how work gets done in your organization, including uncovering key areas of improvement, by creating a free logntrack account in minutes (no credit card required).