Features that make LognTrack unique – Employee Monitoring Software

Features that make LognTrack unique – Employee Monitoring Software

Monthly and Yearly Expense Calculation:

An efficient employee monitoring software must have this feature too.Calculations give you a fair idea where your company stands. Get calculations of monthly and yearly expenses with LognTrack and consequently plan up for the upcoming projects and furthermore make strategies accordingly.

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Employee Monitoring Software – LognTrack

Payroll Automation:

Employee monitoring software also functions as payroll software. It has automated payroll processes and workflows that allow efficient and accurate processing of various HR functions such as payroll, leaves, and recruitment. It not only can be used to send automatic payments but also makes things easier and faster.

Why LognTrack for Employee Monitoring?

LognTrack poses to be a mobile-friendly application. Quite convenient to use, it is congested with unexcelled HR solutions. It is inclusive of payroll & payslip automation, employee analytics and report tracking, also monitoring of real-time employee screenshots. LognTrack is also recognized as the foremost employee monitoring software. The software has several features.