5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Employee Monitoring Software – LognTrack

  1. Employee Data Collection and Monitoring:

    Data is everything in a business. From the time the projects were created, the target dates, utilized hours, persisting budget etc., each and everything needs to be monitored and tracked.  Employee monitoring software which can track computers, can yield an effective solution which assists in retaining the workers’ activities and daily PC operation records in a hassle-free way.

  2. HR Analytics:

    Your employees get you business. Is the employee an asset or a liability to your company? You decide. Track your employee in a real time basis and know their productivity during the working hours using an employee monitoring software easily distinguish between the employees who work really hard and get things done to the ones who sit for hours in front of the computer and get you the minimum result.

  3. Attendance Monitoring:

    While the Login and Logout time is an important piece of data, it is fairly more important to track employees’ physical presence at work. Other major things like overtime and leaves need to be monitored carefully. Provided that a company pays for the overtime hours, the time should yield productive results and not be waste.

  4. Payroll Automation:

    Employee monitoring software also functions as payroll software. It has an automated payroll processes and workflows that allow an efficient and accurate processing of various HR functions such as payroll, leaves and recruitment. It not only can be used to send automatic payments but also makes things easier and faster.

  5. Reports:

    As employee time tracking software get accurate online employee hours record of how much your team actually works, and automatically generate reports and time sheets online. Your employee work time sheet can be customized to include the data you need, and these time sheets can be used to calculate how much to pay employees for the time tracked.

It even enables you to foresee the time required for job costs, outline a scheme for payroll and thereby upsurge profitability.

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