Features that make LognTrack unique – Employee Monitoring Software


LognTrack is among the latest employee monitoring software. Its tracking allows contractors to track time to individual projects. Most importantly it allows unlimited projects to be tracked at the same time. Managers can simply log in and find out how much time has been spent on those projects. Furthermore, it even shows them who is currently working on those projects and their activity levels. LognTrack’s computer tracking with screenshots feature brings out the most promising way to monitor your employees and as a result get the best out of them.


We often follow the principle of ‘Time equals Money’ and therefore no company would want to see their employees waste it. With LognTrack, simply get every estimations and invoicing in just a few clicks. This employee monitoring software shows you which projects are moving ahead or falling behind with the trusted, simple time-sheets.


Almost every company would pay up extra to the employees who worked harder and has given a hefty time. They need payroll software to maintain accurate record of their employees’ salary and bonus LognTrack allows your team to accurately and easily track work hours with mobile and desktop apps that run seamlessly. Every tracked time and activity is recorded in LognTrack’s simple time tracking software, which you can then use to send automatic payments.


Now everything is at your fingertips.Have accurate online employee hours’ record of how much your team works. LognTrack is also an automatic report generating software which generate reports and timesheets online. Your employee work time sheet can be customized to include the data you need, and these time sheets can be used to calculate how much to pay employees for the time tracked.

In house and Remote Activity Tracking:

Explore your most productive employee, and fish out the indolent ones in your company. LognTrack also has activity tracking feature. Implement remote employee monitoring software and be able to examine employees even when you are not present in your workplace. You can also estimate every employee’s efficient working time, and furthermore calculate and analyze the accurate cost of a project with LognTrack.

Monthly and Yearly Expense Calculation:

An efficient employee monitoring software must have this feature too.Calculations give you a fair idea where your company stands. Get calculations of monthly and yearly expenses with LognTrack and consequently plan up for the upcoming projects and furthermore make strategies accordingly.

Try taking our Brand Tour to learn more about what LogNTrack Timesheet is all about if you are looking to upgrade your manual time tracking systems. Or, Operational efficiency is a critical component of business success. Get a clear picture of how work gets done in your organization, including uncovering key areas of improvement, by creating a free logntrack account in minutes (no credit card required).


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