Desktop and Activity monitoring and surveillance is one of the fastest growing security segments today By partnering with LogNTrack , you'll make large money and get too many new customers. Our mission is to help our customers achieve their computing goals more efficiently and easily by providing them with innovative, powerful and easy to use software products.

Enjoy the Benefits of Partnering with us!

Enter New Markets

Acquire new Customers, enter new markets and earn steady revenues.

Run Business on Cloud

Upsell to Customers by being a part of the global cloud apps business.

Achieve 100% compliance

Help your customers achieve 100% statutory compliance for payroll.

The LogNTrack Partner Program was created to recognize mutually beneficial business opportunities through associating with technology companies and delivering employee monitoring and time tracking solutions to clients. LogNTrack is committed to developing strong partnerships with IT companies, HR experts, and value-added resellers to deliver employee monitoring solutions that meet customers’ needs. We are looking to form strategic relationships with IT infrastructure providers located around the world.

Make your connections work

Businesses are forced to work from home now. Work-from-home is a new reality. Most of the employees have never worked from home. Home environment is not your office environment. Employees cannot maintain proper productivity level. Businesses are now looking to monitor working from home employees!


Partnering with LogNTrack provides you with a whole lot of benefits. Our partners have gained added revenue, along with increasing their brand value. As a partner you stand to gain

  • • Enter new markets and expand your business.
  • • Acquire new customers and earn steady monthly* revenues.
  • • Up sell / cross-sell to your existing customers and maintain existing customer relationships.
  • • Be part of the global cloud apps phenomena.
  • • Help your customers achieve 100% statutory compliance for payroll.
  • • Leverage LogNTrack trust, integrity and support to grow your network.


Anybody, who has good business network and an existing reseller/ partner network, can become our partner. However, it’s easier for you to show results, as a partner, if you

  • • Already sell or service any accounting software packages
  • • Legal entities, individual entrepreneurs and individuals operating at the IT market, providing IT consulting or hosting services and selling software, are entitled to participate in the partnership program.
  • • In order to become a partner, fill out the form. Our specialist will contact you to conclude a license agreement and discuss the terms of cooperation.
  • • You may also send a message to