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Why LognTrack for Employee Monitoring Software?

LognTrack poses to be a mobile-friendly application. Quite convenient to use, it is congested with unexcelled HR solutions. One of the most distinctive features about LognTrack is real-time employee screenshots. It monitors your employees’ activities closely and enables you to record their screen. So, if your employee is working less and chatting more with their Facebook friends, you can easily track that.
It is inclusive of payroll and pay slip automation, employee analytics and report tracking. LognTrack is also recognized as the foremost employee monitoring software. The software has several features.
To be precise, LognTrack is the employee activity tracking software that yields an effective solution which in turn assists in retaining the workers' activities and daily PC operation records.
LognTrack is an unrivalled computer monitoring software. This employee monitoring software enables you to take complete dominance over your employees. The software permits you to track the current-time affair of your workers from simply any corner of the Earth!
Your employees cannot escape from LognTrack’s real-time tracking feature as it captures a screenshot randomly to record your employee’s activity.

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LognTrack Software Features

employees time tracking

Time Tracking

Employees have the potential to clink in or out with just one click. Also, take a pause, modify job codes, or include timesheet details instantaneously. Owning to this, LognTrack is also acknowledged as employee time tracking app. It tracks the active and inactive time for each employee.

attendance and leave management tool

Attendance & Leave Management

With LognTrack Attendance & Leave Management option, you can easily manage employee leaves and attendance. Using this feature frees you from the hassle of maintaining manual record books and relieves you of any human errors too. You can effectively administer your company’s time attendance data virtually from anywhere.

employee reporting software


This employee monitoring software enables you to foresee the time required for job costs, outline a scheme for payroll and thereby upsurge profitability. Our reporting solutions empower you with informed real-time decision-making proficiency. You can easily generate all the work report free of human errors.

personal task management

Project & Task

LongTrack is also efficient in tracking the status of project progression. It includes the date on which the project was created, the target date, utilized hours, persisting budget etc. It also assigns the project to the team or an individual as per the case with real-time employee tracking.

payroll automation system

Payroll Automation

Payroll is one of the most important sectors in employee management. LognTrack offers Automated Payroll processing and workflows that allow methodical and accurate processing of various HR functions. It enables you to automatically calculate the payroll keeping in sync the leave and attendance.

employee tracking app android

Mobile App

This employee monitoring software works exactly wherever you do. Yes, it has mobile-friendly App! Download the Android or iOS app to track, submit, and uphold employee time from virtually anywhere. You can easily work on the go with our mobile app.

Full Computer Activities Tracking For employers good, when you are looking for some computer tracking software, do you have any idea about what computer activities it can track? As PC tracking software for business, only monitoring email and website visited are really not enough! YES, you need a computer tracking software that will record all of that activity. But unfortunately the fact is currently most tracking software for computers only have one or two tracking abilities. Being the best PC tracking software in the world, IMonitor EAM can record every activity which employees have done on the PC. After the software is installed on the server and workstations individually, it will automatically begin to track everything that is done on the workstations (emails, chats, instant messages, keystrokes, etc...). All of the recorded logs are being uploaded to the server once any activity has been done with the workstations, which mean all the computer tracking processes are in Real Time.

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