Remote Work Management and Monitoring Software

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Are your employees working remotely or opted for temporary solutions to have safe isolation from the exposure of COVID-19? Yes! it is the right time to know more about remote monitoring software. Remote work Monitoring software or remote desktop monitoring software plays a crucial role in monitoring the productivity of your employees.

We all know that the productivity of the employees needs to be tracked to move on with your project deliverables successfully. It is difficult for the management to keep an eye on each and every employee or track manually. So it is time to shift to the automated employee productivity monitoring software.

LogNTrack is the best Remote Work Monitoring Software

In this article, you will be able to find how remote desktop monitoring software works and helps you to effectively track the overall productivity of individual resources with its unique features.

Now Simplify Your Remote Team Using LogNTrack– A Remote Employee Productivity Monitoring Software!

Are you looking for the perfect remote desktop monitoring software to handle your projects? Yes! LogNTrack is here with its real-time solutions and unique features to track all your employees to provide the overall outcome of project productivity.

Employers are looking to effectively track their employees in real-time and assess their performance in accomplishing the task. Here everything is based on the data collected by the remote desktop monitoring software. So it becomes mandatory that the remote monitoring software should reflect the real-time data in order to assess employee productivity.

Now you can look into the working of Remote Work Management software to understand how it really assists employers with real-time solutions.

How LogNTrack- Remote Employee Productivity Monitoring Software Works?

The main features of LogNTrack involve overall task management, automated URL tracking, screen monitoring with automated screenshots, attendance management with employee work status, effective reporting, and many more, etc.

Let us see how it works!

It is a very easy dashboard to have an overall look at all the features of remote desktop monitoring software.

This feature helps to track the employee like the arrived time, left time, current status like offline or online, productive time. It also shows the number of late arrivals, the number of leaves taken, etc. This helps human resource management to easily manage the attendance of the employee.

Here the respective authority like the team lead or the manager can assign the task to the employees. Employees need to change the work status -” In -progress” when they start working on the assigned task. This assists the respective authority to monitor the work progress.

It also displays the completed task, on-going task, and the pending task of the employee.

The productivity of each individual can be tracked with the help of the productivity report and productivity graph. The productivity report displays the productive time and idle time. The productivity graph represents the level of productivity against the time interval.

Overall, our remote work management software shows the list of employees like most productive, most unproductive, most effective, most offline time logged, late arrived, absence, etc. This makes a complete employee tracking.

With the help of URL tracking, the remote desktop monitoring software categorizes the app on which the employee works as either a productive app or a non-productive app or neutral app. It helps to know whether the employee is working on what type of apps.

This feature captures the automated screenshots of the working windows of the employees every few minutes. This will help the employer to know the current working window of the employee. This provides a real-time solution for the employer in tracking the employee work status.

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