Managing Attendance for Work from Home Employees

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Due to COVID-19, companies are having to enforce a work from home policy that will keep employees safe & also let the organization to continue working as normal. To manage such disruption and also to be prepared for any need in the future, handle remote workforce professionally HR managers must make sure they have a policy in place. For this HR Manager must assess their preparedness and then approve a remote-work request.

Attendance Management challenges shoot as companies are privileging employees to work remotely.  It’s a growing trend across companies for business continuity, to make this working at home a success, we have upgraded LogNTrack India based employee monitoring system with Timesheet entry module. This feature enhancement to the software has helped handle the COVID-19, Pandemic situation.

Even in the future, as the world prefers adopting remote work culture, companies started defining clear WFH policies for various categories of employees.  In line with this need, Monitoring software is upgraded with a Timesheet entry module where projects and tasks Management to the project will be available, individual can log the work details in the Timesheet for the approved WFH days alone.

Monitoring of remote workers is key and for this organization need to adopt time & attendance software that make sure work runs smoothly and they don’t have to spend time supervising. With an automated Tracking solution, software companies can let employees to log the time they work, also record the work completed to avoid later issues with payroll.

This solution will enable you to handle employee’s request to work remotely and reduce overhead while boosting employee morale and loyalty. For more details on this Work from home attendance monitoring solution in Time & attendance software contact us.

A company without employee monitoring and tracking is open to problems. Only with monitoring device usage and staff efficiency can a company properly optimize timelines, improve efficiency, and prevent insider threats. Once in place, most employees accept being monitored, and those that work hard will welcome the additional recognition. So, why not sign up for a trial of employee tracking software and see the benefits for yourself.