Why is your time tracking software lacking when you are paying top dollar for it?

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The year 2020 has made one thing clear: “the show must go on”, no matter how disastrous the atmosphere is, the show does go on at all costs. The apparent or real, dysfunction and restriction posed on the society owing to this hellish pandemic, every function of the society was halted, but after some time everything started working and adapting.

This is where work from home comes in handy and the global economy survived to some extent. As everything moved indoors, there was an urgent need to monitor employees. It not only saved jobs and the economy but also created a lot of jobs. It opened up an avenue for remote workers and the organizations started hiring remote talent, thus expanding themselves.

The mushroom growth in monitoring software was seen and many organizations opted for automated solutions while offloading expenses. Even though organizations were paying top dollar for the services they were consuming. Still, there were issues regarding team management. So let’s see why your app is still not up to the mark.

Limited Features

Most of the Employee Monitoring Software use simple and basic features such as “screenshots”. These features might be needed by some clients but limiting the client to these features is nothing short of a mistake.

Whether you are managing a remote team or an office, either way, you can certainly not hope to fulfill the requirements of successful leadership when all you have to show is a screenshot. There are several needs that should be catered and this is one of the reasons that your app is not running to their full capacity. So how can you achieve full capacity? So let’s explore the one main feature that you are missing out hugely and it is as follow:

Record and Assign Tasks

That there is the secret to Staff Timer App’s success, providing the only feature that is capable of boosting your business and can take you to the next step. Now, what exactly is a record and assign tasks?

What is Record and Assign?

The record and assign feature allows you to do so much for your employees and team while demanding so little. This is a revolutionary feature now you can not only assign tasks but also record the task that is being worked upon.

This is one of the best features that you can ask for and for an extra tidbit it is only available here. So what does it do? The idea behind this feature is to provide the task and tracking in the same feature, now you can do a lot with this feature.

It allows the lead to give instant feedback and not only that you can share screen and assign tasks to individual team members. The best thing about this feature is that it will be replacing the office and save your office expenses, cutting it down by 40%. Amazing isn’t it? You can now provide a description and assign tasks in seconds, record voice notes along with your screen and attach documents.

In short, you can perform all those tasks through an app that would otherwise be done by a team, or an administration team. So for you, it is not only cutting your cost but also getting your work done through automation.

Cut Extra Costs 

An average monitoring app costs per user is around $7 so the bigger the team, the bigger the cost. While you are paying so much you are not getting anything else than screenshots and an app that runs in the background irritating your users.

In a sense, you are not only paying for that app but also for the administration services that are running you dry. Operational costs are cut drastically as the world has already moved towards digitization, why should you work in an analog world then? The ultimate future is absolute automation from home to work, with minimal cost.


The LogNTrack believes in complete automation of the workplace, we want to accommodate and facilitate the client in the best possible way we can! It not only automates the process but also cuts the cost of operations and administration panels altogether.

The record and assign feature of the LogNTrack is a revolutionary feature to manage teams, tasks instantly and get the best out of your team.