Top Benefits of Using an Employee Time Tracking Software

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Did you know that you can use your employee time tracking app for more than digitizing worker timecards? Computer monitoring software with timekeeping capabilities is the ideal tool for maximizing company-wide productivity and profitability.

Keep reading to learn about the benefits of using an employee time tracking app.

1. Accurate billing and payroll

Do you rely on your employees to fill out their own timesheets? While you might use safeguards like managerial approval to reinforce manual processes, using a time tracking app takes human error out of the picture.

Automated timekeeping apps are better for producing accurate, objective accounts of your employees’ work hours. Plus, using systems like these will prevent dishonest employees from inflating their hours. This will save your company money in the long run, especially by reducing “time card theft.”

Having the ability to pull accurate timesheets, user activity reports will simplify future audits and employees won’t have to stress about handling their own timesheets. It’s a win-win situation.

2. Streamlined project management

A huge part of creating a successful project management strategy is building a plan around existing factors like:

  • Consumer demand
  • Manpower
  • Time commitments
  • Schedule conflicts
  • Scope of work

Once you have a clear idea about what you’re working with, you can make more detailed decisions like setting deadlines and allocating labor. Using an employee time tracking app makes this step of the process immeasurably easier.

Since a comprehensive time tracking app can provide you with user metrics like idle time and session duration, you can map out projects more effectively using the data you collect.

Are your employees more active in the mornings or afternoons? Do they tend to slow down when they’re working on independent versus collaborative projects? Noticing these trends early on is a simple way to address roadblocks before they have time to hinder your pipeline.

Top Benefits of Using an Employee Time Tracking App

3. Improved productivity

In short, time tracking apps help employers and employees to identify productivity-slumping red flags like:

  • Slowdowns that indicate distractions
  • Browser and web page browsing
  • Screen sharing and video screen capture
  • Unusual downloads and user behaviors

If employees are aware that their online actions are visible to their employer, they’ll be much less likely to waste time on the clock. This increases worker accountability, which can directly impact your bottom line.

By reviewing user reports and analyzing employee behavior using monitoring software, you can see how long your employees spend on – and off – tasks.

4. Increased profitability

Just like you can use a time tracking software to identify employee behaviors, you can apply those patterns to:

  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Reduce staffing redundancies
  • Maximize each employee’s workload based on their strengths
  • Reallocate time for innovation and growth
  • Prevent “buddy punching” or other unethical practices

The primary goal of integrating a time tracking app into your organizational plan is to increase transparency and accountability across your company.

Time saved is money saved, and freeing up the time you spend on menial tasks is one way to spend more time on projects that will actually further your company’s trajectory. Plus, having a clear view of how time is being used across your company will help you find ways to reorganize to maximize your ROI.

5. Plan for “silent tasks”

How much time do we spend each day on those tasks that seemingly take just seconds to complete?

Responding to an email or taking down a number might seem like insignificant tasks to budget time for. But, these hidden projects might be sucking more time out of your workday than you thought.

Using a time tracking app will help workers quantify these small, repetitive tasks. This allows you to budget for this time accurately when you’re planning out the workweek, rather than sweeping precious hours under the rug.

Top Benefits of Using an Employee Time Tracking App

6. Keep secure records

Using a spreadsheet (or sheet of paper) to track employee payroll is a recipe for disaster. So much can go wrong from here to there, and forgoing a time tracking app is just another way to add more room for error into your HR and accounting procedures.

Timekeeping apps that utilize AI-enabled cloud storage are ideal for ensuring the security and accuracy of your employee’s data.

Top Benefits of Using an Employee Time Tracking App

7. Improve management strategies

The fastest way to become a bad manager is to disconnect yourself from your team. Successful managers need to know what their team is working on, how they’re progressing, and if they need additional support or guidance.

Using a time tracking app will allow you to know where everyone stands, at all times. Whether your employees work in the office or remotely, you can view data like:

  • When employees are actively or passively working
  • Clock-in/clock-out times
  • Session duration
  • Print tracking
  • Network access

This information paints a full picture of every employee’s level of productivity throughout the workday. Consequently, managers can use this information to build a more individualized strategy that supports their company’s specific goals and circumstances.

Employee time tracking apps are user-friendly, streamlined tools that will help you improve your business from the inside out. This one small change can help your employees improve their time management skills while saving your entire operation money at the same time.

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