7 secrets you should know about Employee Monitoring Software

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Are you sure that your employees are productively using your business time? If you have a doubt then take some steps to check your employees working. In the present generation, we can see that many of the employees don’t work willingly. They use to waste their time in unproductive works especially those employees who work on the computer and use the web. With the increase in the use of social media, people are abundantly using the net whether from their cell or from their office PCs. With the exploitation of internet usage, most of the companies have started using some of the other Employee Monitoring Software.

The employers know that no one is liked to be monitored, people want freedom in their work. It is a huge problem to make both the employers as well as employees happy at the same time. So the best solution for both the party is to use monitoring software for their firm. To monitor the computer of employees people have started using the advanced system i.e. Computer Monitoring Software. The PCs of all the computer is connected to a head system that keeps the record of all the systems. This main system is generally monitored by the boss of the company.

Employee monitoring includes all the activities of employees related to computer or physical work, everything is monitored by this software. The work handled by the monitoring software is as follows:

1. The software captures the screenshot of every monitor to which the software is connected.

2. Tracks the keystrokes, the sites surfed, emails, search engines, and downloads of every PC.

3. It records the login and logout time and the time spent in each activity of every individual. This helps the business to increase the productivity of the business by giving reviews to the employees as per their performance.

4. Checks the most visited website and also the restricted websites. If the user visits the restricted sites, the company can immediately take action against that employee.

5. Saves time of the company, as the manual work is handled by the computer and video cameras.

6. Reduces the cost of supervision. Earlier the supervision work was assigned to any of the superior or manager which is now changed and all the work being handled by the software.

7. By using employee monitoring and computer monitoring software, a business can get all the details of their employees related to work and their behavior. This helps the business to check the overall performance of the employee and helps to take the decision of whether to keep the employee in the company or not.


Those days are gone when the employer of the company used to spy on their subordinates. By doing so the image of the employer usually decreases in front of their employees because no employee wants to be monitored. Now the smart companies are using smart ways to monitor the employees and to keep them happy they are using Employee Monitoring Software. This software helps the employer to win their employee’s hearts and gain trust which positively affects the productivity of the company.

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