Why is LogNTrack is the most Affordable tool out there for Global Teams?

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Evolution is a natural phenomenon, anything obstructing the natural phenomenon becomes extinct. Technology does the same! Integrating technology is part of the evolution ignoring it, is only going to push you further back. The smart way is to accept the changes and follow the global stride, but why would you do so.

Every new feature or integration we take on board has one goal behind it. That goal is to ease the workload and provide seamless workflow while not putting too much burden on the finances.

This is the primary benefit of integrating tech in life.

A smart business owner will always look for ways to extradite expenses in every way possible while not interrupting the chain of command or workflow. Luckily there is a tool that can help you achieve seamless workflow in every way, so here is how LogNTrack can really help you minimize your operational cost and help you achieve perfect work cost equilibrium

Automated supervision tool

LogNTrack really packs a punch when it comes to supervision. As it is fully automated there is no need to spend hours explaining tasks and assigning projects to employees. It helps you allocate projects and monitor employees for the entirety of their working hours.

LogNTrack removes manual supervision and hence the need for a supervisor is rendered useless all the while removing a hefty payroll from your budget. Saving around 50% of the annual cost of operations. This allows you to allocate the budget elsewhere and invest in a more productive way.

Hire a useful resource

One of the common issues in most of firms is the hiring of additional help for the sake of hiring. With a perfect remote tool at your disposal, you can hire one resource, the perfect resource. This resource is the best at what they do will not require additional help so you will not be paying unproductive employees and hence the budget bank will not break at all.

Imagine not paying two or three employees who were hired for help when you can get the best via LogNTrack.

No more data breach fine

A data breach or corporate espionage is something that needs to be addressed in this blog. The penalties for a data breach are no less than a million-dollar, that’s initial but also we need to understand the damage done by the breach. All that remains is “damage control”. Sometimes damage control is the only possible way to deal with it.

With LogNTrack simple solution it mitigates all if any chance of data breach exists especially the insider threat. Real-time screen monitoring and Instant screen capture help with this because you can access the screen of your employee anytime in real-time. It keeps your data secure and the risk of breach next to minimal.

Why is LogNTrack the most affordable tool out there?

There is really no doubt about the fact that the LogNTrack is the most affordable team management, task tracking, and employee monitoring app that offers countless features. How so?

It’s simple! LogNTrack charges about Rs 225 per member per month so if you are a company of 100 people. See how much you are spending upon Supervisor and see how much an automated tool costs you.

A mere Rs 225 has to be the best deal of your life, in which you are not only getting automated supervision of the product, team, and employee but also it is calculating the hourly payroll. Helping you make informed decisions regarding your team to retain whom not too. What is stopping you from availing of this tool free for 30 days?

So we can reach the conclusion that automation is a part of evolution and resisting is only stopping you to reach your full potential. LogNTrack aims towards providing the best help a CEO can ask for while running his organization. The automated supervision allows you to keep everyone right in front of you. It gives you absolute control over your team and your data.

See for yourself how easy it is to boost productivity, improve security, and ensure operational compliance in your organization by starting a free account today.