How to choose the best plan for Employee Monitoring Software for your company?

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A modern corporate space that works progressively towards advancement needs to embrace the latest innovations of the industry for rapid growth. This encompasses adopting enhanced work ethics, means of management, and most importantly technology.

Organizations these days aim to grow into global enterprises that cater to their audiences all over the world. To achieve this, the primary resource deployed by every company is the laborforce. Employing 100s and 1000s talents that align with the company’s goals may seem like the perfect recipe for success. However, the reality is far different from what one can fathom.

A vast majority of organizations around the world face the same problem i.e., Employee Productivity. In accordance with the common catchphrase, ‘Not all trees bear the same fruit,’ every employee has a different outlook towards his or her duties and responsibilities. This hinders the employees from completing the tasks assigned to them dutifully, which can become a serious issue for the entire organization. As a part of the top circle, it is your responsibility to identify such employees and assist them in different ways to reshape their attitude towards their job.

In an organization with 100s of employees, micromanagement is a highly unrealistic goal. Keeping a check on the performance of every employee and providing feedback with the expectation of immediate implementation is a tedious task. In such a scenario, you can rely on a modern technological marvel -Employee Monitoring Software.

What is an Employee Monitoring Software?

An Employee Monitoring Software is a program comprising of functionalities that enable you to track and record your employee’s behavior. Some of the basic features that an Employee Monitoring Software offers website employees access, the messages they send, the programs they use, and the files they access using the companies computer. However, an Employee Monitoring Software serves a dual purpose

1. Ensuring the companies policies are not violated &
2. Guaranteeing employee productivity and accountability.

How to choose the best plan for Employee Monitoring Software for your company?

At this point, the necessity of an Employee Monitoring Software for your company is probably apparent. This brings us to the most crucial part of viz. choosing the best plan for your company. Employee Monitoring Softwares come with extensive features and tools that can serve endless purposes. The prices of such software tend to differ based on the number of features that are being offered. You need to identify the essential functions of the Employee Monitoring Software that are required for your company based on the personal parameters that can align with your means of management.

What are the primary constituents of Employee Monitoring Software?

To set the evaluative parameters for your employees while buying Employee Monitoring Software, you need to understand its tools and features. This will assist you in determining the essential tools for your organization and choose the plan that fits suits your expectations.

Here are some of the features and tools that are offered in Employee Monitoring Software:

1. Webpage monitoring:
Offices are equipped with high-speed internet services, which are to be used for work only. However, employees tend to visit third-party websites that can contain malware that can damage your office systems. With Employee Monitoring Software, you can monitor the websites that are being used by your employees. You can also restrict websites with inappropriate content or malware. If an employee consistently visits the restricted websites, the software will notify you of the employee visiting these non-work related or inappropriate content during work hours.

2. Application monitoring:
Websites are not the only things that employees access; some employees tend to install and use third-party software that may not comply with your companies operations. An Employee Monitoring Software notifies the admin of any unauthorized software that installed or running on the company systems during work hours. This will enable you to track the activities of your employees and boost productivity during work hours.

3. Live chat and email monitoring:
Most of the time employees spend time on social media websites chatting with their friends and other teammates. They also do the same using the email services provided by the company. With Employee Monitoring Software, you can track the conversations between your employees and, most importantly, prevent data theft and unauthorized sharing.

4. Device plugin:
Data theft is a huge concern for organizations, no matter the restrictions. Besides, the most common way that data theft occurs in a company is through the use of flash devices that are plugged into the computer. An Employee Monitoring Software prevents data theft by notifying the admin of the devices being connected to the company’s system.

6. Keylogger:
For a comprehensive insight into the employee’s activities, you can utilize the keylogger tool offered in Employing Monitoring Software. A keylogger records every key pressed on the company’s system with a date and time stamp. This enables you to track the messages that are exchanged between your employees even after they are deleted.

7. Screenshots:
When tracking your employee’s activities there are chances when you might stumble upon some things that may seem unethical or inappropriate, the screenshot functionality assists you to store evidence of such activities before confronting the employees.

You can refer to the abovementioned points and analyze your requirements for the Employee Monitoring Software. As this software can have a high cost, you need to find the perfect software with functionalities that your requirements. You can also add features like mobile access, extended licenses, geolocation tracker, and more.

The impression of being under the surveillance of the employers can make the employees feel insecure. It can hamper the work environment and develop a negative sentiment among them. Some Employee Monitoring Software has cloaking functionality, which keeps them hidden from the people using the computers.