Essential Tips And Tricks To Make The Best Use Of An Employee Monitoring Software

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The demand for Employee Monitoring Software has seen an exponential rise in recent times. This growth can be attributed to the entrepreneurial wave that has capsized the masses leading to a massive influx of companies and enterprises that vary in size and employee volume. Employee Monitoring Software has made it easier for companies to foster productivity, accountability, and scalability among their employees, thus boosting the growth of their organization.

A recent study that questioned employees on their activities and time spent working found out that up to 39% of employees used company desktops for work-related tasks for less than an hour while 29% used the desktops for up to 2 hours, 21% used it for up to 5 hours, and merely a whole 3% used it for 10 hours or more. It can be of great concern to any employer knowing his/ her valuable assets are being used for an individual’s gain or amusement. Spending time that has been assigned to an individual to complete a given task on personal leisure is upsetting, considering the time and effort, an organization invests in every employee.

To prevent this from happening and giving employers the peace of mind that his/ her employees are utilizing company assets to execute tasks assigned to them; employee monitoring software is used. Employee monitoring software prevents an employee from accessing sites that aren’t work-related or malicious that could harm the system or the data that’s stored on it. Having such software installed also keeps the employee aware and averts the employee from accessing data that is irrelevant to work. Employee monitoring software can be utilized efficiently to an employer’s advantage in many ways. It can help the employer be in the loop with what his/ her employees are up to.

Having an advanced Employee Monitoring Software and utilizing it to its full potential is the best way to ensure your company’s growth in the long run. Below are some points that can help you to make the optimal use of your Employee Monitoring Software.

To Monitor different employee at a time:

The functionality of surveillance in Employee Monitoring Software allows you to access the screens and cameras of your employees. However, checking on every employee’s activity can be time-consuming. To which a bird’s-eye view can help the employer to keep an eye on the activities of their employees collectively. It works very similar to how surveillance cameras work in synchronization to help you keep an eye over the entire surrounding without missing out on any action that could cause harm of any sort. This feature enables you to keep an overall eye rather than checking a single screen at a time. It can be specifically useful in cases where there are multiple instances of employees misusing their time on tangential and non-work related activities. With this feature, you can see what is happening on every computer in your company’s account. An Employee Monitoring Software enables you to view one, some, or all of your network users’ screens in real-time. A thumbnail of each screen is presented to you and swiftly updated to give you a bird’s-eye view. Keeping an eye out in a business where there are multiple computers involved is certainly a tedious job, but what may be an incident with a single employee could very well turn out to be an office-wide trend.

Track time and attendance
You can precisely know when your employees clocked in or out via their computer activities, helping you keep track of the employee’s efficiency and punctuality at work. It can also help in creating a digital record of the employee’s whereabouts.

Categorize individual activity and eradicate human error
Using an employee monitoring software makes it very seamless to categorize data according to the user’s activities which can later be very useful to rectify mistakes and increase the overall productivity of a business. A business only thrives when they overcome their shortcomings; digital categorization helps in achieving exactly that.

Administer remote teams and supervise payroll
Managing employees located miles away is made easier and more consistent through employee monitoring software. It not only provides the relevant employee data but also simplifies the payroll process in case of allotting hourly rates for employees on the team.

Obstruct access to irrelevant websites or software
The internet is a vast place that gives users access to a plethora of websites and social media apps. This should be monitored to prevent an employee from wasting the precious time of his/her employer on activities that in no way benefit or reap any good to the employer. Work-place desktops should be used for work-related tasks and not as an internet lounge; blocking of such websites eliminates the temptation of straying away from given responsibilities.

Prioritize security and monitor clipboard/ pasteboard data
Intellectual property must be protected from certain individuals that steal information for their personal gain. Employee monitoring software keeps track of where the text has been copied from and where it has been pasted. This also notifies you when any company asset has been leaked via email or any other software. Company secrets must be protected and any employee threatening that can be tracked.

Webcam access to surveil employee activity
Webcam access helps the employer keep track of the employee and whether he/she is performing tasks assigned in due time. Webcam access can be beneficial to establish the orientation of an employee or to keep a record of any undue activity. Any plagiarizing or intellectual theft can be caught through the webcam in atypical cases. In cases of theft, the evidence through webcam could be crucial in going ahead and taking any disciplinary action. There are many unconventional ways to use Employee Monitoring Software. However, to ensure maximum security and active surveillance, you need to choose the best software that suits your business demands.

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