How to Record the Activities of Employees via Employee Activity Monitor?

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Very often, the computers used at home, are shared, which are used by several people from the same family.

 In offices instead, there is a system administrator who configures the computer to leaders and employees in accordance with the company’s IT policy. In a generic family, probably the person who is dedicating more hours to the computer looks for its maintenance most of the time, what you care, makes maintenance, organizes your desktop, and be careful that there is no trouble. It may be one of the Parents who configure the computer so that children can use it safely. In companies, it may happen that a head office put PCs of its employees activity monitor to control and observe what they do and what sites they visit.

In another post, I gave several tips to protect children and adults from the risks hidden on the internet, uncensored but with common sense. On this occasion, we are going to talk instead of monitoring the activities and operations made on a computer that can serve employee monitoring purposes.

Record PC activity includes the control of the programs that are run and the creation of historical memory to serve as a Log, which is a list of transactions.

On the Windows log, the event log is viewed by clicking the right mouse button on resources of the computer and pressing the “Management”.

This event log is rather limited to the information system and reports the errors above without giving any notification about the programs used.

1) The best solution for the control of other computers on the network by monitoring the activities in an advanced program is LogNTrack described on another page.

2) To monitor the activities and use of the PC by employees, employee monitor software can be installed for free that installs as a system service (thus remains invisible) and operates in the background. The service automatically records the activities and operations carried out on the PC and generate graphical reports that can be accessed with a web browser. Access to such information is available both locally, on the same PC controlled, either remotely, or from another PC on the network, for example from another room.

3) It can be very helpful for parents to monitor the use pic of their children and to a director or head office to monitor the activities of employees, staff, and consultants. The employee monitoring from work PCs is configured via a web interface and is very simple.

4) A different type of control, even more, narrow and unobtrusive, you can get a video recording everything that happens on the desktop and saving everything that is typed on the computer keyboard. This employee monitor software (such as Key Logger) acts as a Spy Screen.

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