About LognTrack

The predomination of companies practicing employee monitoring software–irrespective of the fact whether it is through LognTrack (LNT), fleet tracking or web activity tracking or businesses that have not implemented a solution out of the fear of estranging employees and inadvertently creating this environment are bound to know that this employee supervising practice is being extensively given a consent by both the employers as well as the employees.
However, employees have a clear line when employers have ingress to their private data. In accordance with a survey by the HR Metrics & Analytics Summit, most employees are agreeable with being monitored when it comes to workplace-related tasks, for instance, email, web and phones. However, the view may vary when it comes to companies monitoring their private social media accounts, personal emails and the physical locations of employees.
We produce report of employee daily computer usage and alert those employees who collaborate their working time with their fun time to get back to work. LognTrack is a superb workplace tracking tool to monitor computer use. Explore your most productive employee, and fish out the indolent ones in your company. Implement remote employee monitoring software and be able to examine employees even when you are not present in your workplace. You can also estimate every employee's efficient working time, and further calculate and analyze the accurate cost of a project with LognTrack!

logntrack software for employee daily activities

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